Expand Your Time Tracking Abilities with WorkMax

The time tracking app that offers additional
functionalities compared to FOUNDATION® mobile.

WorkMax’s Solutions for Your Time Tracking Needs

Accurate Labor Hours_Icon

Labor Hours

Struggling to eliminate buddy punching?

WorkMax offers patented facial recognition and kiosk mode capabilities on employee clock ins and clock outs with real-time discrepancy alerts to make sure your employees are in the right place at the right time.

Need Compliance Documentatio_Icon

Language Barriers

Are language barriers preventing precise communication?

WorkMax helps to reduce language barriers with Spanish capabilities.

Eliminate Payroll Errors_Icon

Labor Compliance

Want to avoid costly lawsuits, liability claims and fines?

WorkMax can require your employees to clock in and out with compulsory start and stop times, sign and approve their logged hours and breaks at the end of the workday and certify any overtime hours.

Outgrowing Spreadsheets_icon

Field Reports

Need to quickly collect data from the field?

WorkMax has add-on modules including FORMS — an intuitive form builder that creates and deploys custom field reports.

The Advantages of WorkMax

In addition to the features you already use, WorkMax also offers advanced functionalities that make it easier to track your workforce.

  • Seamless integrations with payroll and accounting solutions like FOUNDATION and Payroll4Construction
  • Enforce trade classification restrictions by employee on a job-by-job basis
  • The same in-house customer service team you know and trust
  • Transfer data from any Apple or Android device to your payroll solution
  • Ample cloud-based storage, accessible on any device including tablet, smartphone and laptop

To see the complete comparison between FOUNDATION mobile and WorkMax, click below.