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WorkMax TIME Tracking Gunthers Case Study 2019

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Gunthers has been serving the residential and commercial buildings in Utah for the last 106 years installing, repairing and servicing heating and air conditioning systems. They are the oldest operating family-owned business for heating and air conditioning in Utah County. Gunthers prides itself on providing quality materials, equipment, and labor to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations while staying within budget.

Challenges with Accuracy Using Paper Time Card

Gunthers' collected employees’ time on paper time cards and they wanted more accuracy on the time cards. With paper time cards, they didn’t have a way to know WorkMax TIME tracking Gunthers Quoteif the employee was at the job site and when they wrote down their clock in or out times. Unless a supervisor or foreman was on the job sites with the employees for the entire day, they didn’t have any way to verify their employees’ hours. Sometimes employees entered their hours at the end of the day or just copied the hours and tasks from another employee. This led to inaccurate labor hours and job costs.

Another accuracy issue with paper time cards was illegible handwriting. When the handwriting was illegible, payroll wasn’t able to correctly enter the hours worked for the employees the first time. With incorrect hours payroll would have to cut adjustment checks after the employee received their paycheck to accurately pay them for their time. Also, after the time cards were submitted to the office, the payroll staff had to manually type the time records into Spectrum by Viewpoint for payroll processing.

In addition to inaccurate labor hours on the paper time cards, there were also inaccuracies with the job cost accounting for their projects. For example, employees would write down a job code number and the job code number didn’t correlate to the name of the job. There was no data validation of the job code numbers to the actual names of the projects and lead to labor hours and tasks being added to the wrong job. This resulted in inaccurate job costs which required additional time for payroll to correct the job cost errors. In addition, when the job cost errors were not corrected in time before the commission payments, it resulted in inaccurate commission payments for the sales staff.

Gunthers chooses WorkMax TIME to integrate with Spectrum by Viewpoint 

Nathan Silvey, Service Manager, for Gunthers selected WorkMax TIME to increase the accuracy of their payroll processing and make their employee time tracking process more efficient. With WorkMax TIME, employees were more accurate because they were clocking IN/OUT in real time and were no longer relying on their memory when writing down their time at the end of the day or copying their co-worker’s time and tasks for the day. With WorkMax TIME’s GPS, they could also see where employees were when they clocked IN/OUT and see if their clock IN/OUT location matched up to the job site they were assigned to for the day. They were able to proactively address any clock IN or OUT issues that didn’t match to their job sites before they processed payroll to ensure accurate labor costs, job costs, and sales commission payments.

With two-thirds of their employees working in the field, it was imperative for Gunthers to find a solution that was easy to use. They liked how clean and simple the user interface was in WorkMax TIME. This made it easy for them to transition their employees from paper time cards to their mobile devices to track time and allocate their labor hours to the right jobs. There was no need to have large in-person training sessions with WorkMax TIME for their employees because it was so easy to use.

WorkMax TIME’s integration with Spectrum by Viewpoint for payroll and accounting was a top selection criterion when Gunthers was evaluating employee time tracking solutions. WorkMax TIME integrates with over 100 applications, including Spectrum by Viewpoint and the integration set up was completed in less than a day. Gunthers’ time tracking data automatically pushed the labor hours, tasks, and job numbers into Spectrum by Viewpoint for accurate job cost accounting and payroll.

WorkMax TIME Eliminates Manual Data Entry and Increases Accuracy

With WorkMax TIME, Gunthers eliminated the manual data entry from paper time cards into Spectrum by Viewpoint for payroll and job cost accounting and saved 5 hours of payroll processing time. The entire payroll processing hours were reduced by 50% with WorkMax TIME at a cost savings of $5,200 annually.

Additionally, the accuracy of the hours worked improved, because they no longer had handwriting errors, which reduced the number of out of cycle paycheck runs. The job cost accuracy was also drastically increased because the job and task numbers correlated to the right task names and project. With WorkMax TIME, the jobs and activities the employees selected were picklist values that included both the job number and job name.

As a result, the accuracy of the job costs improved and the number of sales commission adjustments were reduced, because all the task numbers, names, job numbers, and names were pre-loaded accurately into WorkMax TIME.  

WorkMax employee TIME tracking Gunthers ROI Graph


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