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June 3, 2022

Why Transformation is the Key Word in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a hot topic today and for good reason. No one would argue that technology is needed to drive construction forward. But how can we ensure that we are not overwhelmed with unnecessary platforms and apps?

Cindy Whitner, Sr. Product Manager at Acumatica joins Mike Merrill At the 2022 CFMA National Conference to discuss digital transformation, the fact that transformation is the key aspect of the process, how to use new employees to drive transformation and how to ensure that your new software is increasing the experience of everyone on the job site.

Key Takeaways

  1. Digital Transformation is unavoidable. Covid and the current economic situation have doubled down on the need for software to keep constitution businesses moving forward. If you are not already transforming your business with the right technology you are already giving your potential clients an easy reason to pick your competition.
  2. Transformation is the goal, not digitization. Don’t get lost in the process. Technology can be shiny and exciting but having the coolest new product isn’t the goal, the goal is to transform your business to match the needs of the market. Make sure you keep that goal at the center of your decision making.
  3. New employees can be the catalyst for new processes. Young new employees are at home with technology. They expect to have a smart device on themselves at all times, have their activities tracked, and to be able to complete their job without using a piece of paper. Use this comfort and experience to help drive your company’s transformation. Build relationships between senior and junior workers that will help both employees to grow.