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| March 9, 2017

Top Reason People Resist Change

EMAIL Putting People First Email Graphics 2

Top Reason People Resist Change

By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

We are always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency in all areas of our businesses. Technology is a great way to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. With the explosion of the mobile device market with tablets and smart phones, your business cannot afford to miss out on using the power of technology.

As you are researching ways to improve your company’s productivity and efficiency, you’ll want to start by looking at any manual or paper processes that could be automated. The top two inefficient paper driven business activities are paper time cards and paper forms. Replacing paper time cards or spreadsheets with an automated employee time tracking solution will not only increase your productivity and efficiency but will significantly increase your bottom line. When it comes to forms, you want the data and signatures on the forms, not the actual paper. Let’s be honest; most people didn’t get an A+ in penmanship, so it can be quite a chore to decipher the handwriting on the forms. Another indication of how inefficient paper forms are is to wander around your office and see the piles of papers sitting on employees desks. Why? It seems that there is never enough time to the get those paper forms filed. The bottom line is that paper slows down your business.

Now that you recognize the need to make changes in your business, you will want to know that the top reason employees resist change is the fear of the unknown. Deciding to make a change to an employee time tracking or mobile forms solution will affect most if not all of your employees. Time tracking solutions will have the most significant impact on your hourly employees and those who manage them. You don’t want this change to be perceived as a negative. Most of all you don’t want “push back” from your employees which could potentially derail the success of the new software.

People do not like change. Most people’s mindset is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Once you understand that the fear of the unknown is the biggest reason for that mindset, it will help you as you start researching employee time tracking and mobile forms solutions.

You will need to automate your business process as much as possible to have scalable growth. In addition, it’s critical to have your employees on board when you’re automating mobile forms or employee time tracking for it to be successful.

You can be successful at rolling out a new employee time tracking and mobile forms solution by communicating with all of the affected employees well in advance of the changes. Employees need help in understanding what the changes will be and how it will affect them. It’s critical to share with your employees why changes are being made, and how it will impact them. When you are thinking about replacing paper forms and time cards with mobile forms and an automated employee time tracking system, there will be an effect on your employees. Change is often thought of as negative. With the right approach it doesn’t have to be.

To learn more, view our video, Putting People First to Avoid Implementation Pitfalls or check out our blog next week to see example email templates that help to overcome the fear of the unknown when implementing employee time tracking solutions.



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