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April 7, 2022

The Power of a Peer Network on Construction Leadership

No man is an island – an old but true saying by the poet John Donne. Its as true today as it was in 1624 when first written. Fortunately, we don’t live under the same rules and with the same technology that our predecessors did in the 17th century. Unfortunately, in our modern world, it is much easier to get around working at the office, engaging with peer groups or even seeing another person face to face in a day’s time.  

On this episode, our Host Mike Merrill sits down with Jeremy Owens the CEO of US Construction Zone and 3 Generations Improvements to talk about the important role of effective networking in construction and how it has changed over these past few years, as well as the importance of using technology to be people-centric and how to connect on a more personal level with peers around the world.

Key Takeaways

  1. Peer groups have changed but their importance hasn’t gone away. The Elks Lodge and the Rotary Club might not be the business hubs they used to be but there are alternatives online where you can meet professionals in your niche from across the country and discuss business. 
  2. Technology can make you a hermit or it can give you the platform to be people-centric. In today’s market, there is enough business to go around, it isn’t about getting work its about getting the best work with the best clients. And the best work goes to contractors that are people-centric, that engage with their communities, clients and staff on a personal level. Every client can tell the difference between someone who is profit-motivated and someone who is motivated by the people they are surrounded with.
  3. Technology allows professionals to connect with peers outside of their market. By connecting with professionals in the same niche as you but outside of your market gives more freedom to the information that can be shared without causing damage to either business. Reaching out and connecting with like-minded people has never been easier with the right social network like US Construction Zone.