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Live Field Data Usage Report 2020 by WorkMax 

Live Field Data Usage Report WorkMax 2020

In June of 2020, we conducted a survey of 134 construction leaders to learn how they collected and shared field data. We’ll share our insights into how the construction industry is embracing live field data collection and its benefits. Tracking time, production, equipment, safety forms, and daily field reporting is critical to project outcome success. Find out in the insights into:  

  • Use of Paper and Spreadsheets in Field Data Collection
  • Number of Methods to Collect 6 Types of Field Data
  • Speed of Labor Hour Reporting by Cost Code
  • Timeliness of Safety Reports
  • Impact of Form Completions on Clock In
  • Tool and Equipment Tracking Methods
  • Time Spent to Field Collection vs. Analysis
  • Benefits of Live Field Data by Respondents
  • Conclusions and Forecasts for Live Field Data 

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