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World of Concrete 2020 Must-See Technology

World of Concrete 2020 Must Seee Tech WorkMax TIME

World of Concrete 2020 Must Seee Tech WorkMax TIME

World of Concrete 2020: Must-See Technology Partners 

WorkMax TIME’s Top Integration Partners

Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

As you’re walking around the trade show floor at the World of Concrete 2020, don’t forget to check out the Technology for Construction section in the North Hall to see how you can make it easy for your field employees to give you accurate live job cost data for your job cost reporting. One of the most important decision factors in purchasing a live field data collection solution for controllers and financial managers is whether it integrates with their existing accounting solution. You’re in luck because we have a list of the must-see technology at the World of Concrete 2020, so you can find the right live field data collection app that works with your accounting system. You can also talk with the staff of our accounting solution partners at the World of Concrete 2020 to find out why they love WorkMax and tell you how well it integrates with their accounting software.

1. WorkMax TIME – Booth N1146 at World of Concrete 2020

WorkMax TIME integrates with the top accounting systems used by most contractors attending the World of Concrete 2020. This way you can be certain that only active employees are clocking IN/OUT and only active projects, locations, or cost codes have labor hours and production units assigned to them. WorkMax TIME’s permission profiles mirror your organizational structure and project cost structure to show only the relevant job cost data to your field employees for accurate real-time job costs. Controllers and financial managers don’t have to spend hours doing reallocations or spend weeks creating work-in-progress reports. Below is a list of our ERP and accounting integration partners also attending the World of Concrete 2020.

2. Acumatica – Booth N1463 at the World of Concrete 2020

Acumatica Cloud ERP offers a special Construction Edition to meet the needs of the construction industry. Acumatica Construction Edition allows you to manage construction payroll, contract management, financials, and cost estimates from a single subcontractor. Stop by their booth and find out why WorkMax TIME and Acumatica are a great fit to grow with your business.

3. Viewpoint – Booth N1153 at the World of Concrete 2020

Viewpoint has multiple ERP options for contractors attending the World of Concrete 2020. They offer ProContractor by Viewpoint, Vista by Viewpoint, and Spectrum by Viewpoint. Viewpoint provides integrated software solutions for the construction industry to improve project profitability, enhance productivity, manage risk, and effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. Swing on by their booth to say hi and see why WorkMax TIME and Viewpoint solutions have so many happy mutual customers.

4.  Sage – Booth N1263 at the World of Concrete 2020

Sage helps small and medium businesses perform at their best and manages finances, operations, and people. One of WorkMax’s most common accounting integrations is with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE. It’s one of the top-selling accounting systems for construction, so don’t be shy and stop by the Sage booth at World of Concrete 2020 to find out why the integration works so well for all of our mutual customers.

5. Foundation Software – Booth N1563 at the World of Concrete 202

WorkMax TIME also has a robust integration with Foundation Software. Foundation Software offers construction accounting software for job cost accounting and project management with mobile applications to help construction companies run their businesses. Make sure you stop by their booth and they can tell you why so many of their Foundation Software customers love how well WorkMax and Foundation Software work together.

6. A-Systems Corp – Booth 1650 at the World of Concrete 2020

A-Systems JobView is another top construction accounting system that integrates with WorkMax TIME to provide live job costs. JobView also provides other cost control tools to create daily reports for timely informed decisions. In addition to core accounting features and job cost accounting, A-Systems JobView also manages payroll (certified, union, multi-state), invoicing / AIA billing, importing estimates, change orders, customer management, and more. Check out the case study of our mutual customer, Archer Mechanical, that saved $153,296 in labor costs with WorkMax TIME.

Want to see how easy it is to integrate these top accounting systems? See our full list of integrations and click on their logo to see a video. 

Buddy Punching Arch Nemesis Accuracy Profitability

Buddy Punching Biometric Time Clock App with Face Recognition

Buddy Punching Biometric Time Clock App with Face Recognition

Buddy Punching: Your Arch Nemesis to Accuracy and Profitability
3 Ways a Biometric Time Clock App Can Eliminate Buddy Punching Forever
By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

Buddy punching is common for companies with a mobile workforce especially when supervisors move from job to job and manage multiple crews. They’re not always around when employees are clocking IN/OUT leaving an easy opening for this to occur. Every business owner, accountant, payroll employee, and supervisor needs to know what buddy punching is because it’s most likely happening and negatively affecting your payroll and job cost accuracy. But more importantly, you’re paying employees when they’re not actually working and it’s driving up your labor costs. It’s great that your employees are buddies and work well together, but you don’t want them to clock each other into work before they’ve arrived at the job site or clock each other out after they’ve left the job site for the day. In a nutshell, that’s what buddy punching is; Employees are paid for working but they’re not at the job site working.

Here are 3 ways WorkMax’s biometric face recognition will end buddy punching for your business:

Accurate Biometrics Results with WorkMax’s Time Clock App 

With true biometric face recognition, you’ll know you have the right person clocking IN/OUT and there’s no buddy punching happening. Faces in a profile photo are matched based on their visual geometry, including the relationship between the eyes, nose, brow, mouth, and other facial features to the clock IN/OUT photos associated with their time records. After the faces in the two photos are compared, you’re provided with a match percentage. You may be wondering if your employees can fool the system and continue buddy punching for their coworkers by wearing a hat, wig, or glasses. You’ll be happy to know that the answer is no. You’ll still achieve accurate face comparison match percentages even if your employees change hairstyles or wear glasses or a hat. The visual geometry in WorkMax’s biometric time clock app still measures the relationship between the facial features for the most accurate way to eliminate buddy punching.

Easy To Use

According to Pew Research96% of Americans own a cell phone and 81% of Americans own a smartphone. Most people’s mobile phones have replaced their cameras and they frequently take photos with their mobile devices. To use the biometric face recognition, simply have your employees take a photo on a mobile device when they clock IN/OUT and the biometric face recognition is done in the background. Employees just go to work as soon as they clock IN/OUT just like they’ve always done. Facial recognition is the best way to eliminate buddy punching and when you make face recognition easy to use, you’ll see the results you want.

No Expensive Equipment 

When we developed WorkMax TIME’s biometric features to eliminate buddy punching and reduce your labor costs, we wanted to remove any cost barriers to using biometrics. There’s no need to purchase expensive biometric devices or equipment like other biometric solutions that cost over $1,000 per device. With WorkMax TIME’s biometric time clock app, the cost really isn’t an issue because employees can clock IN/OUT on their iOS or Android device or use existing company tablets or iPads with WorkMax.

To see how WorkMax TIME’s face recognition will eliminate buddy punching forever and reduce your labor costs, learn more about face recognition here or schedule a demo right now. 


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Biometric Time Clock Saves Time

Biometric Time Clock App Saves Time 3 Ways

Biometric Time Clock App Saves Time 3 Ways

3 Ways a Biometric Time Clock App Saves Time
By Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

Some people may think that a biometric time clock app may be unnecessary or too futuristic. It’s also very common for people to think that using a biometric time clock app will take too much time. There are many types of biometrics you can use to confirm that the right employee is clocking into your biometric time clock app, but the fastest and easiest biometric solution is face recognition. True biometric face recognition in your time clock app will save your business time and if your employees can take a selfie, it’s super easy to use. Additionally, your business saves time and reduces their labor hours because employees are using Android or iOS devices in their work area and there is no travel time to/from a time clock. Here are three more ways a biometric time card app saves time:

Biometric Time Clock App Automated
Automated face recognition
Face recognition is one of the best ways to use biometrics with your time clock app because your employees are pretty familiar with taking photos and selfies on their mobile devices. WorkMax TIME’s biometric time clock app associates an employee profile image and an employee clock IN/OUT photo with their time records. The comparison of the profile image to the clock IN/OUT photos is completely automated. This means that there is no need for an employee to manually compare every photo saving time for your supervisors, payroll admins, or managers. They don’t have to spend time analyzing every single photo for each and every clock IN/OUT and manually compare it to the profile image. WorkMax TIME’s face recognition automates the process and does all the comparisons for you to save you time and reduce your labor hours.

Biometric Time Clock App Mismatch Alert


Mismatch alerts – With WorkMax TIME, there is no need for your supervisors, payroll admins, or managers to compare employee photos to clock IN/OUT photos. Employees only need to review mismatched photos to save your company time and reduce labor hours to authenticate employee clock IN/OUT photos. Your management team will only be managing the face recognition alerts by exception for the time records that fall outside of the match percentage threshold your company sets. WorkMax TIME’s biometric time clock app also has a simple modern interface to save time on clock IN/OUT and the face recognition works in the background to save your employees time on clock IN/OUT.

Biometric Time Clock App No InterferenceDoes NOT Interfere with Clock IN/OUT – Many options for biometric time clock apps actually slow down the clock IN/OUT process and drive up your labor costs. Most biometric time clocks with fingerprint scanners or retina eye scans will not let the employee clock IN/OUT if there is a mismatch of the biometric data. When you choose a biometric time clock app with face recognition, you don’t have to worry about slowing down the clock IN/OUT process or increasing your labor costs. WorkMax TIME uses face recognition and it won’t interfere with your employees’ clock IN/OUT process. If the comparison between the employee’s profile photo and the clock IN/OUT photo falls below the match percentage threshold, employees simply clock IN/OUT and start or end their work. They don’t have to spend time fussing around and taking multiple pictures until there is an appropriate match percentage. An employee simply takes their photo on clock IN/OUT and starts working or heads home for the day. Any mismatches are drawn to the attention of the payroll admin/manager/supervisor with an alert to address if needed. 

To learn more about how a biometric time clock app with face recognition can save your company time, reduce labor costs, and increase the accuracy of your labor costs, click here If you’d like to self-schedule a demo to see a biometric time clock app in action, click on the button below. 

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Integrates WorkMax TIME

Cloud ERP Acumatica Integration with WorkMax TIME

Cloud ERP Acumatica Integration with WorkMax TIME

Acumatica Cloud ERP integrates with WorkMax TIME 
Cloud ERP Integration Increases Job Cost Accuracy and Efficiency for Labor and Field Reporting

(Payson, UT – January 14, 2020) AboutTime Technologies, a 17-year veteran of on-premises and cloud-based mobile resource management, today announced the WorkMax TIME integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP. The WorkMax Complete Suite includes WorkMax TIME, FORMS, and ASSETS Modules. WorkMax is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform solution to manage your mobile resources all in one place for tracking time, assets, and mobile business forms. WorkMax TIME’s robust integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP streamlines data flow from the field to the office and syncs information for employee time tracking, completed work, and job costing with Acumatica Cloud ERP. This powerful integration also improves the accuracy of labor costs, job costs, and field progress reporting.

One major contributor to job cost accuracy improvements is WorkMax’s dynamic permission profiles. By mirroring the project cost structure and organizational structure from Acumatica Cloud ERP, employees only see their relevant jobs/projects, locations, tasks, or cost codes. They aren’t forced to look at a long list of options with hundreds or thousands of choices to sort through. As a result, employees only see the options that are pertinent to them and it drastically increases the job cost accuracy and reduces reallocations by eliminating irrelevant picklist options from their mobile devices. The WorkMax TIME data streaming in from the field from any iOS or Android device is already organized to line up perfectly with the fields that need to populate the job cost data or progress reporting in Acumatica Cloud ERP. 

“Now, construction businesses can finally have real-time job costs and data without any delays because of our API integration with a true cloud ERP solution like Acumatica. No more waiting around for labor, asset, or field report data to be formatted, imported, or manually entered from multiple systems into Acumatica Cloud ERP and then waiting around for someone to compile a report of information with data from days or even weeks ago. The integration between WorkMax TIME and Acumatica Cloud ERP shows you what’s happening right now on all of your projects,” said Mike Merrill, COO of AboutTime Technologies, “We were proud to partner with a company who is as dedicated to their customers and their technology needs as we have been with ours.”

“It was a perfect fit for us to partner with AboutTime Technologies because of their strong expertise providing mobile resource management solutions for the construction industry,” said Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions at Acumatica. “We both have the same vision; we want to provide construction businesses with a modern and scalable cloud solution to future-proof their technology investments to manage their construction projects’ mobile resources.”

WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies will be exhibiting at the Acumatica Summit 2020 in Booth 24 on January 26th through January 28th at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV.

To learn more about WorkMax TIME, FORMS, or ASSETS, please visit

AboutTime Logo 01 Transparent

AboutTime Technologies has been a leader in on-premises mobile resource management with AboutTime Enterprise Suite to optimize labor, assets, and forms for the last 17 years. In addition to the on-premises suite offering, AboutTime Technologies now offers WorkMax, an entirely new cloud-based platform. The WorkMax Complete Suite includes WorkMax FORMS, TIME, and ASSETS which are also available individually. WorkMax’s modern cloud-based resource management provides instant, accurate answers by connecting teams for labor, assets, and mobile forms for any size business in any industry. For more information about WorkMax visit 

Cloud ERP Acumatica Logo White RGB

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the best business management solution for transforming your company to thrive in the new digital economy. Built on a future-proof platform with open architecture for rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use, Acumatica delivers unparalleled value to small and midmarket organizations. Connected Business. Delivered.

For more information, visit


3 Reasons Face Recognition Time Tracking

Face Recognition Reasons in a Time Tracking App

Face Recognition Reasons in a Time Tracking App

3 Reasons You Need Face Recognition In A Time Tracking App
By Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

Many project-based businesses with a mobile workforce still rely on paper or spreadsheets to track time. You may be unaware of the ways that using paper, spreadsheets, or a basic time tracking solution can affect your company’s productivity and profitability. In fact, if you’re not using a time tracking app with face recognition, you could be overpaying your employees and inflating your project costs and reducing the operational efficiency of your company. Here’s a list of the top three challenges you’re facing if you’re not using face recognition in your time tracking app:

1Buddy Punching – Buddy punching refers to situations when an employee clocks IN or OUT for their co-worker when the second employee is not working. The employee typically asks their coworker to do it because they are stuck in traffic on their way to work or when they have to leave early for an appointment before their shift has ended. Many employees that are punching in their buddies when they’re not at their work location and not working don’t realize that helping out their co-workers is considered time theft and impacts the profitability of your business. Buddy punching can also have a huge impact on your project’s schedule and drastically drive up your labor costs. You’re paying for labor, but there’s no productive output for the hours that are worked when buddy punching is happening.

2Resource intensive – If face recognition isn’t part of your employee time tracking app, the only way for you to know if the right employee is clocking IN/OUT, you have to have a supervisor on site for each and every clock IN/OUT. Employees have a minimum of four clock INS/OUTS each day, if they take lunch and up to eight clock INS/OUTS, if they have two breaks and lunch. This means you’re paying a high-wage employee to do the low-level administrative task of babysitting the employees on every clock IN/OUT. This non-productive administrative work isn’t helping your business end your projects on time or on budget. If you don’t have face recognition in your time tracking app, you have to dedicate several hours per day per supervisor to micromanaging the clock INs/OUTs which is extremely labor-intensive. Also, this level of micromanagement doesn’t foster trust between your supervisors and employees and can lead to low job satisfaction for your employees.

3Time-consuming –If you are using face capture and not true face recognition in your employee time tracking app, one or more of your employees is spending time every day reviewing the clock IN/OUT photos associated with the time records. Depending on the number of employees at your company, your time tracking administrator or payroll employee is spending time every day comparing every clock IN/OUT photo to make sure it’s the right person. Basic face capture features don’t even have a profile image for your administrator or payroll employee to manually compare to the clock IN/OUT photos. Also, companies with dozens or hundreds or thousands of employees have to spend time on an extra step every time a new employee is hired because your payroll employees or administrator doesn’t have the chance to meet every single new employee. This means your time tracking administrator or payroll employee has to send the new employee photos to the new employee’s supervisor to see if it’s the right person when they clock IN/OUT on their first-time records after they’re hired.

To self schedule a demo and see how face recognition in the WorkMax time tracking app can help your business improve the accuracy of your labor costs and free up time for your supervisors, payroll staff, or time tracking administrators, click here.


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