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What is WorkMax?

WorkMax Service Phone and Mac

WorkMax Service Phone and Mac

What is WorkMax? Why now?

By: Ryan Remkes, CEO

WorkMax is the total sum of everything learned from delivering resource management software solutions to many, many businesses over the last decade. WorkMax is modern, fast and completely scalable. The platform of modules affords businesses of any size, shape and industry to enjoy modern resource management exactly the way they need it. WorkMax is the culmination of real-world customer needs learned from AboutTime, in a beautiful, modular web-based solution to help customers better manage TIME, ASSETS, FORMS, FIELD SERVICE and REAL-TIME BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. 

Internally, WorkMax has been known around our corporate office as “Next-Gen” for a couple of years now. The ambitious design-build journey towards what is about to be better known as WorkMax actually began in 2003. AboutTime set out to solve the problems companies face every day in tracking and managing their most valuable resources. AboutTime was built to solve the complex business problems that ERP, accounting, HR and other software solutions do not. 

“Experience matters to our customers.”

AboutTime has enjoyed great success and will continue to succeed for many more future customers as the leading on premise, enterprise resource management solution. Remember the time before mobile was “cool”. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that long ago. AboutTime was doing “mobile data collection” before the term existed and long before Apple iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices existed. We were helping companies capture accurate mobile and remote data before BlackBerry was crowned (then later dethroned) the “king” of mobility. You’ve got to go all the way back to the PALM Pilot and Pocket PC days to get to the core of our resource management experience. AboutTime has always been and will continue to be an innovator and leader in on premise resource management.

So why WorkMax now? 

Innovation and the desire to get better is ultimately the driving force for our amazing team. We thrive on leading the way in helping our customers work smarter and get better. The concept for the WorkMax platform went like this: “Let’s start with what we know is true, what we’ve learned from many years in the industry and let’s give our customers exactly what they really want. Let’s do it in a flexible way that exceeds customer expectations. Let’s make WorkMax flexible, beautiful and affordable. Let’s change the game for how businesses manage their mobile, remote and local resources.”

What we now know is true:

Over the years we have talked to thousands of businesses in dozens of industries and we know every one of those business has challenges tracking and managing mobile, remote and local resources. Consistent findings are:

  1. Today’s businesses want a better, smarter way to track TIME, ASSETS, FORMS, FIELD SERVICE, but they all need different user configurations – flexible modules. 
  2. Although each business is unique; their resource management challenges are NOT unique to the industry they serve, the size of the business or the services provided by the business.
  3. Today’s businesses believe simple technology improves efficiency in business. Additionally we now know web-based solution benefits can outperform traditional on premise software. Internet speeds, data security and web infrastructure now affords best-of-breed web-based solutions to be not only A choice, but the PREFERRED choice for many of today’s decision makers. 

What we know matters to our customers.

EVERYONE is getting better, including your competitors. Technology is helping people work smarter and helping companies get more accurate data, faster. Everyone is becoming more efficient with their resources and your customers are learning (and being taught) to expect it. We are all in business for the customer, the WorkMax platform is built to help your team eliminate waste, increase automation, improve company efficiencies and most of all… to better serve your customers.

Can we help your business work smarter and get better?

I think we can. Every business is different and only you can determine if WorkMax or AboutTime is a good fit for YOUR business. I am confident you will know it when you see it. We realize we won’t be everything to everyone as there are many good technology solutions out there and then there are some very stubborn companies that just fear change.

“If you don’t like change you will like irrelevance even less.”  

How will we define WorkMax success?

We believe WorkMax will surpass your expectations, the platform is truly flexible, scalable and affordable. Implementation is incredibly rapid. We have made it very easy to try WorkMax in your business and customers should see great results within days. Our incredible team has invested enormous amounts of time, attention to detail and expertise into delivering one complete platform of modern resource management modules. So how will we know we’ve hit a home run with the WorkMax? When our customers tell us so.

Welcome to Modern Resource Management. Welcome to WorkMax.

WorkMax named finalist in three Cloud Award categories Blog

 Cloud Award shortlist 2015 16 PNG

WorkMax makes short-list for Cloud Awards

By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing

The WorkMax team received an early holiday gift this week when we found out that we’ve been shortlisted for the 2015-2106 Cloud Awards! The past year has been exciting for us as we’ve been working hard to develop the best solution available for our users. The awards program evaluated over 300 applications from across the globe and this is its fifth year awarding excellence and innovation in cloud computing. We are finalists in the following categories:

  • Best in Cloud Automation. This category is awarded to products that simplify and automate the deployment of cloud computing products and services. Finalists were chosen for demonstrating innovative use of cloud technologies to automate procedures and operations for increased operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Gone are the days of collecting pieces of paper and having to manually input them into spreadsheets for reporting. WorkMax automatically accumulates the data in real time and up-to-date reports are available on-demand for labor, assets, service scheduling and dispatch supported by electronic forms and powerful visual business intelligence. No longer spend all day trying to locate people, information or data to run your business. WorkMax gives you instant answers at your fingertips.
  • Best in Mobile Cloud. This category evaluates powerful cloud solutions compatible with smartphone and tablet devices. WorkMax is available on any mobile device, making us a perfect fit for this category! WorkMax works wherever you work. So if you’re out of the office or your office is anywhere you are, everything you need for resource management from soup to nuts is at your fingertips.
  • Best in Big Data in the Cloud. Finalists had to demonstrate a solution that has solved structured or unstructured “big data” problems with the use of cloud-based technologies. WorkMax’s simplicity allows users to personalize WorkMax for their business, their industry, and employees without custom programming or costly software development. WorkMax’s business intelligence doesn’t require data scientists to build and analyze data. Everyone in the organization instantly knows what’s going on with their projects, employees and assets to make better decisions faster.

In 2015, we set out with a lofty goal to be the best and easiest platform for real-time management of labor, assets, forms, service scheduling, and dispatch with accurate business intelligence for better decision making- and we’ve done it! We are very excited for our January launch, making WorkMax available to the masses! Getting industry recognition from organizations like the Cloud Awards is more validation that we are on the right track. Stay tuned for more exciting news from us in the coming months!

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