Authentication Options For admins/users:

– Password Secured

– Role-base Access

Configurable Access Policies – WorkMax allows you to set granular user and group access policies. Only approved users can modify these policies.

Secure Credential Storage – WorkMax follows secure credential storage best practices by never storing passwords in human readable format, and only as the result of a secure…..

API Security & Authentication – WorkMax API is SSL-only and you must be a verified user to make API requests. You can authorize against the API using either basic authentication with your username and password, or with a username and API token. OAuth authentication is also supported.

Transmission Security – All communications with WorkMax servers are encrypted using industry standard HTTPS. This ensures that all traffic between you and WorkMax is secure during transit.

Device Approval and Tracking – WorkMax tracks the devices used to sign in to each user account. When someone signs into an account from a new device, it is added to the device list in that user’s profile. That user can get an email notification when a new device is added, and should follow-up if the activity seems suspicious.Automatic