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Real Time Visibility

Published in Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2016

By: David Moyer, President

WorkMax in the News -
Real-time visibility is a hot topic for contractors today. We've teamed up with Modern Contractor Solutions to share our insights on how real-time visibility with WorkMax answers your most important questions. With these answers available at your fingertips, see how WorkMax can improve your business. Here's an excerpt from an article written by our very own David Moyer, President of AboutTime Technologies: 
What if you could get real-time, accurate information to manage your teams and projects from anywhere? In a perfect world, regardless if you are in the office, half way around the globe, or on the go with only your mobile device, you should have your important project information at your fingertips. Would you make it to a few more activities for your kids? Would you take that vacation you’ve been putting off for years?
The construction businesses of today need complete visibility into what’s happening with their projects right now, without being there. For executives and managers to get the visibility they need, we at AboutTime Technologies knew we could make it easy for construction workers to leverage simple technology in the field. That’s why we created an entirely new cloud platform, WorkMax, powerful enough for construction executives to be able to manage their businesses from anywhere while also being simple enough to use in the field.
WorkMax answers the questions you need to answer every day. The comprehensive suite of modules—FORMS, TIME, SERVICE, ASSETS, and INSIGHT—are designed specifically to relieve your pains:


3 Ways to use Rich Media on Mobile Forms to CYA

3 Ways Rich Media Helps You CYA
Mobile Forms with Photos, Videos, and Sketches Reduce Risk

By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing

Everyone nowadays has smartphones on the job sites. Did you know you can leverage the power of those mobile devices to protect your company’s interests in an easy and organized way using mobile forms with photos, video, and sketches?

Here are 3 ways you can use mobile forms with photos, videos, sketches and more to protect your business: 

1.  Tools and equipment 

You can be proactive and ask employees to complete a safety checklist on a mobile form to document the safety conditions for tools and equipment. They can take photos, draw sketches or record voice notes to capture the condition of the tools and equipment in their work areas.  No more excuses that they didn’t have the right form. You can provide tablets or smartphones for use in their work areas or they can use their own to document the condition of the tools and equipment with photos and videos. You can also ask them on the mobile form if they have any employee-owned equipment being used to perform work. A South Carolina lumber company learned the hard way that they were not only responsible for the tools and equipment they provided employees, but they were responsible for the safety of employee-owned tools and equipment they use while doing work. The South Carolina Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) fined a lumber company for a substantial safety violation for an employee-owned box fan that was missing a ground pin in an electrical shop. 1

2.    Proof of Performance

You can’t always be at every job site, but employees can use mobile forms with photos, videos, sketches, audio notes and notations on photos for employees to include with their daily log report to know exactly what was completed on the job site. By using mobile forms with photos, videos, and sketches, you can capture and keep the project’s daily logs organized to quickly access the information when you need it. You can see what happened each day on the job site. You can even use electronic signatures to get the customer to sign off that the work that was agreed upon was completed. This way if there’s ever a dispute about proof of performance, you’ll have documentation that the client signed off on it. You will also have the daily progress photos to show the work you did perform that can be emailed directly to the customer each day if they’d like it. It keeps your customers happy with your progress and in the loop. You’re also protecting your business by accurately document site conditions and project progress. When you get calls from your clients asking what’s going on with a project, you have instant answers with your mobile forms with photos, videos, and sketches in the forms. The rich media embedded in your mobile forms can show your clients any issues and you can send them the mobile forms with photos right from your mobile device. No need to make 2-3 calls after hours to know what’s going on.

3.    Employee safety

Be proactive and make photos and videos part of your daily safety checklist for the employee’s work area to document the physical location or identify any safety issues on the job site. If an injury occurs, employees can capture the reported injuries right away before they start their work for the day and you’ll have a better idea if it happened at work or not.  Make sure that you have your employees add the different media they use to capture media that’s part of their everyday forms and reports they are currently using. To get them to adopt a new behavior, make sure you’re incorporating media capture into their normal job duties like checklists and daily reports. Don’t just have your employees send you pictures by text messaging or emails. 

You want to make sure that you embed the photos into mobile forms to keep the photos organized and easily searchable. When you’re looking at mobile forms solutions, make sure you can globally search the forms to quickly find the photos, sketches and videos by job site, employee, date or form type. You also want to make sure you can set up mobile forms in advance to alert your entire team immediately to any potential risks and to take action immediately. Your HR team, safety compliance officers, and business development team will thank you for making their jobs easier. Documentation will be well organized, so your team can access the rich media and documentation anywhere anytime on any mobile device or PC.  Your team can change from reactive to proactive and get all your ducks in a row before any inspectors knock on your door. The good news is that when they show up, you can continue to CYA and take photos and videos to document the site conditions right while the inspector is there.

 To learn more about WorkMax FORMS, 


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Mobile Forms Journey from Paper 

By: Russ Hanson, CIO

I wanted to take a look back at the technology journey of mobile forms from paper. I was a kid born in 1970 and grew up in a small town of Payson, UT. I remember like every other kid being taught the alphabet, how to read, and how to write in plain English as well as in cursive. I remember as I was growing up seeing reams and reams of paper in all of my homework and books I read. Paper was everywhere and part of everyday life. My parents read the newspaper every day to get the latest news. My mother was a teacher and everything she did was on paper for herself and for her students. My father was a general contractor and everything he did for his business such as bids, contracts, blueprints, etc were all on paper. The computer was a new thing. My first computer, the Commodore 64, was awesome but was mainly used for games at my young age. 

When I got to my junior high and early high school years, the early 80’s desktop computers were just starting to enter my world. Again, these computers were mainly for cool games like Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders. They were just starting to offer basic programming classes in high school by the time I got there. Being from Utah, I remember this company called Novell that started up nearby that became a huge network computer giant. They allowed companies and schools to run on a network and share applications and data. I also remember that nearby was another company called Word Perfect that started up. Some of my classmates in high school even interned there and I knew other people in the community that worked there. This was the beginning of a powerful word processor that would replace the old typewriter. Now word processors were the mainstream tool to create visual words, thoughts, and documents with vs. typewriters and handwritten letters. Then another competitor to Word Perfect called Microsoft created a competing product we are all very familiar with, Microsoft Word. The world was becoming digital right in front of me.

As I entered college in the early 90’s, I took a liking to Computer Science and became a software engineer. Technology was all around me and I loved it! Now, I would be a part of actually creating software and technology that changed the way people conducted business or how people communicated data and information. Writing something with a pencil or pen on paper was becoming a very rare thing. Signing a check or writing my name in cursive was almost forgotten (Sad really!). By that time, people were writing books, articles, documents, etc in the word processors that had quickly become a staple. The internet was still a fairly new concept and was just beginning to evolve into something bigger at that time. Most software programs were still desktop installed or client/server applications.

A few years later into the mid to late 90’s, the internet was becoming its own new world. All of the sudden, you started seeing applications showing up on the internet. During that time, people who were used to filling out forms on paper and we were starting to see digital forms built and filled out on Word Processors. We also started to see HTML forms coming to light on the new internet. How awesome was that? Fill out some information online, submit it, and the data was available for others to see in another web browsers somewhere else in the world. It was the beginning of data communication over the internet in an interactive way and the beginning of e-commerce as we know it today!

In early 2000, I worked at a company that jumped onto the new e-sign legislation that was passed which allowed an electric signature in an electronic document to become legally binding. This was well before Adobe perfected electronic signature document management software. The company I was with was on the cutting edge and had a full electronic form document workflow with a legally binding signature on the document. Just as this new technology was replacing the old word processing software, this company was located in one of the original Word Perfect buildings in Orem, UT. I remember they had a big news day in Utah with two lawyers, one in Salt Lake City, UT and one in Saint George, UT giving a live demo of the online document workflow all on the internet, both signing electronically. The document was legally binding without a pencil, pen, or paper involved at all. It was truly groundbreaking. The company was later sold and ultimately evolved into some other business on the East coast during the boom. Many companies went on to master this concept, with Adobe being one of those. This technology has opened up so many avenues for companies to streamline and optimize the way they do business over the internet.With the latest technologies, you can now build or mimic a paper form you use every day in your business into a mobile or electronic form online where you only need to build the form once. It's stored forever, and you can reuse as many times as you need to conduct business. This is an extremely powerful tool. No more lost paper, no more mistakes, no more trying to find where this customer or that customer’s signed document is located in some file cabinet somewhere. It’s all there right in front of you now… Online, when you want it, and in a format you want it in. It’s accessible from anywhere in the world! It’s easy to search and find business documents between you and your clients or you and your employees from your browser, and now not only on a desktop or laptop computer but from mobile phones or tablets. Amazing!

You can change the way you do business by transforming your paper business forms into mobile forms or electronic forms for any form you use today between you and your customers, vendors or employees. Everyone should consider looking into a solution that can get your forms online and go paperless, not just to be “green” and save paper, but to be streamlined, better organized and efficient. You will also preserve accuracy in the data transferred between you and your clients/employees. In fact, I would go as far to say that like the progression of paper/pencil to the typewriter, and the typewriter to the word processor, that leveraging digital and mobile forms in your business is absolutely essential! If you don’t have a solution in place now, you will soon need one in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

In searching for electronic forms or mobile forms apps or software, you should find something that not only allows you to associate your forms with customers, employees, or other parts of your business, but make sure it also plays well with other business tools you currently use. Look for a mobile forms app or web-based software that can capture media including photos, video, and audio recordings, even when the mobile device isn't connected to the internet. You’ll also want to make sure you find a mobile forms app that syncs the data back to the cloud as soon as the mobile device is connected to the internet. There are many forms tools out there to choose from. I encourage you to look at the big picture and find a solution that will automate all your business processes and streamline your workflows from beginning to end. Find solutions that work together with native integrations right out of the gate. Think bigger than selecting just a mobile forms solution. Don't just think about using mobile forms for individual business functions. Think about how you can use mobile forms across your entire business. Think about how you can prompt employees to complete HR or injury forms when they clock in or out of your employee time tracking solution to improve the timeliness of form completions. Think about using mobile forms to track maintenance records while tracking assets in your asset management solution or work orders within your field service management software. Find a solution where your key business applications work together to manage all of your resources for labor, assets, forms, service scheduling and dispatch that work with your accounting and payroll systems. Simplify your life and avoid costly custom integrations to make all your business systems work together and play nice. Taking this approach will help provide you with a much more cost-effective solution and will ensure that you enjoy more synergy between the tools you use and ultimately give you more bang for your buck!

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Workmax wins 2016 MIP

We are pleased to announce another award under the WorkMax belt!

By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing


We are excited to wrap up Q1 of 2016 in the best way possible - by receiving another award for our product. We had our official launch this year, we were named a finalist in the 2015-2016 Cloud Awards and today we are pleased to announce a win from the World of Concrete Awards.

Our product, WorkMax INSIGHT, a cloud-based visual business intelligence solution for modern resource management, has been honored as a 2016 Most Innovative Product (MIP) in the World of Concrete Awards. It was also highlighted as the Editor’s Choice in the Business & Technology product category.

We are very proud of this award, as it was not given lightly. The MIP was decided by a panel of industry experts, conference attendees and the audiences of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, MASONRY CONSTRUCTION, and THE CONCRETE PRODUCER.

INSIGHT is a product that helps businesses make real time actionable decisions, interact with labor assets in off sight locations and identify trends by leveraging data while also offering complete visibility of all your resources. We recognized a real need in the market and worked diligently to develop a product designed to increase productivity, safety while maintaining ease of use for contractors.

This year our platform has not only launched to the masses, but has also grown in size and quality. We launched FORMS earlier this year and look forward to releasing new modules as we continue forward through 2016through 2016.

To learn more about WorkMax INSIGHT and its features, click here