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WorkMax TIME by AboutTime Technologies Integrates with Vista by Viewpoint Construction Software

Syncs Employee Time Tracking with Payroll and Accounting for Accurate Labor and Job Costs

PRESS RELEASE (Payson, UT – October 12, 2016) AboutTime Technologies, a 13-year veteran of on-premise mobile resource management, today announces WorkMax TIME’s integration with Vista TM by Viewpoint Construction Software. WorkMax TIME is an easy-to-use cloud based employee time tracking solution that automates time collection across an entire workforce to provide accurate labor answers on any device at any time for any size business in any industry. WorkMax TIME by AboutTime Technologies is part of the WorkMax Complete Suite and works seamlessly with FORMS, TIME, ASSETS, SERVICE, and INSIGHT. WorkMax TIME’s configurable integration with Vista TM by Viewpoint Construction Software streamlines data flow from the field to the office and syncs employee time keeping data into payroll and accounting for accurate labor and job costs. WorkMax TIME’s multiple time collection workflows make it easy for employees or supervisors to allocate labor costs in real-time or after-the-fact for true job and labor costs. WorkMax TIME also allows businesses to create unlimited pay periods, shift rules and overtime rules to automate time calculations and reduce compliance risks. “We’ve been a development partner with Viewpoint Construction Software for over a decade and we’re looking forward to providing contractors a cloud solution to make them more efficient, accurate and profitable with real-time labor data and accurate job costing with WorkMax TIME.” said David Moyer, president of AboutTime Technologies.

WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies will be exhibiting in Portland, Oregon at Collaborate 16, Viewpoint Construction Software’s Annual User Conference in booth 205 and will also be presenting The Role of Mobility in Construction in 2016 on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 1:30 PM PDT.


About AboutTime Technologies

AboutTime Technologies has been a leader in on-premise mobile resource management with AboutTime Enterprise Suite to optimize labor, assets, and forms for the last 13 years. In addition to the on-premise suite offering, AboutTime Technologies now offers WorkMax, an entirely new cloud-based platform available as a suite or as individual solutions for resource management. The WorkMax individual solutions include FORMS, TIME, ASSETS, SERVICE and INSIGHT. WorkMax’s modern cloud-based resource management provides instant, accurate answers by connecting teams for labor, assets, forms, service scheduling and dispatch with real-time business intelligence for any size business in any industry. For more information about WorkMax visit


5 5 Employee time tracking must haves WorkMax

5 Employee Time Tracking Must-Haves 

Deciding which employee time tracking solution is right for you can be time consuming. There are so many things to consider, but have you thought about what you need to make sure you'll find a solution that fits your business needs now and is flexible enough to grow with your business? To make the process easier for you, we created a list of the five things you must have for employee time tracking. 

1. Multiple Workflows

Most employee time tracking software systems make businesses mold to it. Find a solution that fits your business, one with multiple time collection and allocation workflows. The best solutions allow your employees and/or supervisors to enter or allocate time in real-time or after the fact. Pick one workflow or a mix of them. Take advantage of the ultimate flexibility with workflows like real-time entry & allocation, real-time entry & after the fact allocation, or even after the fact time entry & allocation with digital time sheets. 

2.  Unlimited Pay Rules and Pay Periods

Not many employee time tracking systems have the flexibility to add as many pay periods, shift rules or overtime rules to automate accurate time calculation. You never know where your business might expand and you need a system that is flexible enough to automate pay periods, shift rules, and overtime rules. An automated employee time tracking solution that integrates with your payroll and accounting systems reduces errors, out of cycle payroll runs and risk for lawsuits. You will want to find a system that grows with your business and simplifies calculations.

3.  Setup User Access by Location, User Role, Individually and More

Not all employee time tracking solutions allow you to set user roles and permission by user role, location and /or individual permissions. Find a solution that puts you in control to set up the data how you want your users to see it. This saves employees’ time by filtering what they can see to quickly enter time and tasks in the field.

4. Easy Time, Location and Task Allocation

Find an employee time tracking system that's easy to use for employees and supervisors. Pick a solution that's simple to allocate time to the right project and/or activity in real time or after the fact for job cost accuracy. Find a system that allows supervisors to clock in/out a group of employees to a project or allocate tasks to save time. You'll also want to make sure that employees can clock in and out and switch between different projects and tasks throughout the day in a few clicks. 

5. Simple Time Tracking and Calculating When Employees Change Tasks and Projects in a Day. 

Let your employees focus on their work and select a solution that's easier to use than an ATM machine. Whether time records come in from different time zones, or even completely out of order, a top system will know exactly what to do with them and accurately calculate who did what, how long they did the activity, and when they did the work. Time and job cost accuracy should never be a worry. 


employee time tracking 

Employee Time Tracking - 6 no-brainer reasons to change your process today:


1. Timesheets and spreadsheets are costing your business MUCH more than you may realize.

workmax employee time trackingWhat could your business do with an extra $6,000 per employee, per year, every year? You simply can't do business without your amazing people, its no surprise then that labor costs are also the single largest expense for the majority of today's businesses. The costs of using archaic employee time tracking systems to manage workforce labor is conservatively estimated to cost an average business over $6,000 per year, per employee! The American Payroll Association reports that employers lose an average of 42 minutes per employee, per day due to estimated, inaccurate labor reported by writing it down after the fact (time sheets or spreadsheets). With an average hourly burden of $25 per employee, a 50 employee business will lose more than $300,000 annually (each and every year) due to inaccurate labor tracking processes. Additionally this estimate does not even account for costly data entry errors or labor-based overhead such as workers comp and liability insurance, and other business expenses directly related to your total payroll costs.

2. Mobility. Employees need anytime, anywhere access for accurate employee time tracking.

workmax employee time trackingFor many businesses, gone are the days of the cubicle. Its 2016 and more than ever, employees are on the go, remote and mobile. Mobile devices are being leveraged as critical business tools to help the mobile workforce get their work done more efficiently, from anywhere. Modern employee time tracking solutions can help your employees quickly track their time, tasks, projects and even their productivity, using the same mobile devices they already use every day. Mobile time clock apps and mobile labor tracking solutions help employees get work done quicker and help employees log it accurately, as it happens. Mobile devices and simple cloud solutions will provide your business greater real-time visibility, accountability and accuracy or your workforce.

3. Accurate time tracking reported in real-time improves client invoicing and job costing.

workmax employee time trackingReplacing paper time sheets with a simple cloud based time tracking solution can connect all of your teams and enable them to share job, project and accurate billable information quicker. Accurate time worked, tasks completed and productivity data, detailed by client or project, can stream into a central cloud-based system, virtually real-time, as it happens. The end result for your business is improved client billing accuracy, increased client billing efficiency and most importantly, now you your business can see exactly where you are making money and where you are not as it happens, opposed to weeks later. The ability to know where you are sooner is allowing businesses to pivot and adjust to increase profits. 

4. Less payroll headaches and more happy employees each and every payday.

workmax employee time trackingPayroll and the old process of tracking, transferring, processing can be a burden on your team. Manual data entry is painful and stressful for your entire staff. It is too easy to make a simple mistake and transpose time worked, tasks and codes worked on. These common and frequent mistakes, whether done in the field or in the office can result in an inaccurate paycheck and can be extremely frustrating for your workforce. Today's automated employee time tracking solutions virtually eliminate the need for repetitive and tedious re-keying of time and attendance data. Employees can sign off and approve their time worked as it happens and your payroll and office staff can replace your stressful payroll processes with an accurate, quick and efficient solution to not only track your workforce, but to get your people paid more efficiently.

5. DOL compliance is critical for your business. CYA with accurate workforce labor documentation.

workmax employee time trackingKeeping a time stamp for each and every clock in/out, job code, task change and GPS location can protect your business in costly client disputes, unemployment claims, workers comp claims and potential DOL and DCAA issues. With an automated employee time tracking system employees can review and sign off on time worked, you can see who’s on the clock, where and what they are doing. Rest assured with an automated system all of your workforce labor data is also nicely organized in one central database, accurately documented to protect your business in case of a labor audit or labor dispute.

6. Anytime, anywhere access to your workforce labor data.

workmax employee time trackingDon't overlook the convenience and power of being able to access and manage your workforce labor data anytime, from anywhere. A cloud-based employee time tracking system not only enables employees to enter, track and review time from anywhere, it also enables your estimators, PMs, managers, executives and entire staff to work with current, accurate labor data from anywhere. Estimating the next project is much easier when you can quickly reference exact labor actuals from a prior similar project. Getting a client quick, current answers can prove priceless for your business. Approving and processing payroll while out of the office can save the day. There are many business benefits to automating your employee time tracking process, don't underestimate the power of anytime, anywhere access to all of your neatly organized, accurate, real-time labor data.

Click HERE to see the WorkMax Employee TIME Tracking Webinar:

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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Employee Time Tracking 01

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Employee Time Tracking

Your people are your most valuable resource. When your workforce is local, mobile and remote, an automated employee time tracking solution could revolutionize the way your entire workforce tracks their time and productivity. Throwing away your outdated time sheets and spreadsheets could be the single largest contributor to a more profitable, efficient business. An automated employee time tracking solution can help you capture accurate productivity data, while also allowing your teams to manage workforce labor from anywhere, any device, anytime. Accurate, automated employee time tracking of mobile, remote and even your office workforce can help you streamline your processes and replace your paper time cards forever.

Here are the TOP 5 Reasons to Automate your Employee Time Tracking process:

Process Payroll Faster

  • Accurately track who, what, when, where and how much was produced as it streams into one central database for faster payroll processing.
  • Handle quick and simple payrolls, as well as complex employee time tracking with unlimited pay groups, periods and sophisticated payroll rules.
  • User roles and user permissions help businesses streamline labor reporting from employee time collection to payroll processing.

Expedite TIME review and approvals

  • Eliminate and reduce payday stress and crunch-time mistakes with an automated employee time tracking system.
  • Time worked can be reviewed and approved in the field, on the go, or in the office. 
  • Capturing employee and supervisor approvals on time worked as it happens improves efficiency and reduces liability.

Eliminate Manual Entry Re-Keying and Errors

  • Time stamps stream into the central system as it happens, eliminating the need to manually re-key or enter employee time and labor data.
  • Powerful and configurable integrations with many accounting systems and business applications help you share accurate labor collected. 
  • Automated time and attendance solutions provide numerous checkpoints to ensure accuracy of time reported and time paid.

Simplifies Tracking Mobile and Remote Workforce

  • Real-time workflow for time entry and allocations provide precise labor costs.
  • Automate lunch and break deductions.
  • GPS and geo-fencing ensures your mobile workforce is in the right place at the right time.

Integrates with your Accounting, Payroll or ERP

  • Automated employee time tracking solutions will not only help you track workforce labor accurately, you can push it right into your accounting, ERP or Payroll system with ease.

Click HERE to see the WorkMax Employee TIME Tracking Webinar:

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