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March 18, 2022

Is Your Business Model Holding Your Success Back?

Most construction contractors go into business for themselves because they want to have control over their own business and success. That success usually comes on the foundation of hard work and ingeniousness of the owner. So why do so many construction companies accept industry standards and remove creativity from their business structure?

Mike welcomes Jen Silver, the President of Roofing Utah, Inc, a complete roofing operation and the Co-founder of Women-Owned Businesses of Northern Utah, an organization that advocates for women business owners, on to discuss the importance of having your own business model, the steps needed to analyze your current model and how to make changes to fit the vision you have for your business.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accepting the status quo limits your success to what others have already achieved. Instead, business owners should be looking to constantly adjust how they are doing business so that they can continue to expand their productivity and profit.
  2. The most effective businesses have the most up-to-date business models. Being flexible and adjustable in the face of any and all market shifts will give your business the boost it needs to be ahead of the curve. Constant evaluation of your business model for bottlenecks ensures that nothing gets between you and your clients’ successes.
  3. Get your team involved in the journey. Make sure that, as you find bottlenecks and points of contention in your business model, you are reaching out to and communicating with your teams. Take the time to get their feedback on the problem, and you’ll see a culture of innovation develop among all of your workers.