real-time resource management mrmSee Everything. From Anywhere. Instantly.

Complete Visibility of All of Your Resources

Icons_1G_Lightning_Real_Time_2.png One live summary map shows REAL-TIME information on your operations, projects, workforce, assets and more. Knowing “What Is Happening Now” allows your team to make immediate adjustments while operating at peak efficiency.

Icon Workforce 1G See where your WORKFORCE is and who is working on what, from anywhere. Easily manage accurate labor without waiting on time sheets or making calls, all your labor metrics that matter are always up to date and right at your fingertips.

Icon Assets 1Gb Company tools, equipment and ASSETS move around often and change hands regularly. At a glance you can see where your stuff is, who has it and how it is being used. Assets can even be exchanged and assigned in the field.

Icon Productivity 1G See your labor and unit budgets update PRODUCTIVITY automatically, as it happens. As your team works, you will see their real-time productivity from anywhere. Knowing what is happening right now helps your team respond immediately and when your supervisors can quickly see where they stand on a daily basis, profitability and efficiency increases. 


arrow-rightManage Performance-Based Incentives

arrow-rightAddress Cost Overruns Sooner

arrow-rightSee Every Aspect of Your Resources

arrow-rightCapture Media of all types – video, audio, pictures




See it as it happens, in REAL-TIME.

WorkMax INSIGHT presents beautiful, accurate, visual resource metrics 
showing exactly what is happening across your entire network of resources.

Mobile Resource Management


This module is pure jet-fuel for all of your other WorkMax modules. Insight is visual business intelligence at its best and you are going to LOVE using this amazing tool. Business managers want to know who is where and what they are working on, what assets are being used and exactly where productivity stands across all of their resources, right now… at a glance. Insight will show you exactly what is going on in your business in real-time.


Any Device | Anytime | Anywhere 

Access INSIGHT to see everything in real-time
from the field, the office or anywhere in between.


  Access WorkMax from any web browser on virtually any device. No service? WorkMax Mobile runs on Android and Apple devices, so your service tickets can be worked on while completely disconnected.   WorkMax is hosted in the Cloud on secure and robust servers that run 24/7/365, providing your workforce unlimited, anytime access.
  WorkMax is accessible from work, home or on the go without requiring any software to be installed on specific devices or machines.


INSIGHT visual indicators keep your team in the know 

This is the business intelligence tool you have been dreaming of…
now your team sees and knows everything at a glance.

{module INSIGHT – iPhone and Insight WorkMax}


Where are your people, right now? Who is working on what, right now? Where are your Assets, right this moment? What is happening at your remote projects, today? Insight gives you real-time immediate answers to all of these questions in a visual, graphical way that keeps your management team in the know, from anywhere, at all times.


Modern Real-Time Visibility | INSIGHT

as low as $29 month

Beautiful design, powerful features and a rapid implementation
help deliver the premier business intelligence solution for your entire team.

Mobile Resource Management Insight


arrow-rightRapid Web-Based Deployment
arrow-rightInsight metrics shown live in REAL-TIME
arrow-rightWork anywhere, even when DISCONNECTED
arrow-rightThe BEST BI tools in the business

real time reportingreal time reportingreal time reporting




Do More in Less Time

Connect your team with better,
more accurate information quicker.


Work Anywhere, Anytime

Access data securely, have it
sync across devices.


All the Essentials for

complete mobile, remote and
local resource management.


Real-Time Productivity

See your resource productivity
as it happens in real-time.


Restrict exactly which inputs

are available to which employees
keeping it simple for your team.

lamp (3)-01

Flex-Fields let you customize

terminology to your industry,
your team and your business.

flexible brick-01

Flexible and Affordable

monthly pricing model lets you get
exactly what is right for your business.


Rapid Implementation

No software to setup, maintain or
update ensures a quick return.


Complete Visibility across

your workforce and entire network 
of mobile, remote and local resources.













Add INSIGHT to ANY other WorkMax modules
and gain complete real-time visibility over ALL of your resources.

5 WorkMax Modules D


Insight is like Jet-Fuel for the other WorkMax modules, truly the ultimate real-time business intelligence tool. Each WorkMax module has been designed to be used standalone OR to interact seamlessly with each of the other modules. Each time you add a module you exponentially increase the value of the solution to your business.