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Issues with Inaccurate Spreadsheets and Manual Processes

To track employees’ time, Archer Mechanical created a Microsoft Excel template for their project managers and superintendents to manually enter their field employees’ labor hours. A majority of the time, the superintendents or project managers waited until the end of the week and fill out the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to track their employees’ time for payroll. It was difficult for their superintendents and project managers to remember at the end of the week if employees arrived late, or left the job sites early, or took extended breaks.

The spreadsheets were emailed to the office with forty hours for practically every employee. After reviewing the spreadsheet, the labor hours were manually entered into the accounting system, A-Systems JobView. This process took two business days for one payroll employee to complete. They even considered adding another full-time payroll employee if they couldn’t find a faster and more efficient way to collect employee time tracking data and process payroll.

Key WorkMax Features That Reduced Costs & Expedited Payroll Processing


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Expedited Payroll Processing

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Face Recognition Cut Labor Costs


Real Time Reports

Archer Mechanical Selects WorkMax TIME to Integrate with A-Systems JobView

Archer Mechanical selected WorkMax TIME to automate employee time tracking that was easy for employees to use, expedite payroll processing, and integrate with A-Systems Jobview. They also wanted to shift the responsibility for employee time tracking from the project managers and superintendents to the individual employees to achieve accurate real-time collection of labor hours. They wanted supervisors to stop entering employees’ time.

With WorkMax TIME it was easy for individual employees to enter their time from their smartphone, computer, iPad, or tablet in real time for accurate labor costs. Archer Mechanical also used WorkMax TIME’s facial recognition to see when a project manager or superintendent tried to clock another employee in or out. The payroll manager quickly identified when superintendents or project managers did this and could quickly address it.

“We cut our field employees’ labor cost by $141,440 with WorkMax TIME’s real-time tracking and facial recognition. WorkMax TIME not only reduce our labor costs significantly; it helped us create more accurate bids and reduce our payroll processing time by 75%"

Amber Madrigal, Manager of Operational Excellence

In addition to employees tracking their own time, Archer Mechanical also wanted to improve their payroll processing efficiency. They processed payroll every week and before using WorkMax TIME, it took two days to process payroll. Individual employees were accurately entering their hours in real time into WorkMax TIME and the labor hours were then synced with A-Systems JobView. WorkMax TIME eliminated manual data entry and pushed accurate labor data into A-Systems JobView for a more streamlined workflow.


WorkMax TIME Slashed Labor Costs, Optimized Business Processes, and Improved Bid Accuracy

With WorkMax TIME, Archer Mechanical reduced the employee time tracking and payroll processing time by 75%. After selecting WorkMax TIME, it now only takes the payroll employee four hours. There’s no need to add an additional payroll team member. By cutting the payroll employee’s processing time by 75%, they also saved $11,856 in labor costs for the existing payroll employee.

Archer Mechanical also reduced labor hours for field employees. Before WorkMax TIME, each field employee averaged forty labor hours per week. After using WorkMax TIME’s real-time data collection and facial recognition, the labor hours per week were reduced to thirty-eight hours on average. This was an annual labor cost savings of $141,440 for Archer Mechanical’s forty field employees. The total labor cost savings was $153,296 in the first year. With WorkMax TIME, their labor costs were more accurate and resulted in more precise bids for future projects.


“WorkMax is great. We don’t have to enter our crew’s time anymore. We love the real-time reports that show us where we are at with labor costs."

Field Superintendent, Archer Mechanical