ConExpo 2020 Celebrity Sighting with Face Recognition Employee Time Tracking

| March 26, 2020

ConExpo 2020: Face Recognition Found Celebrities

ConExpo 2020 Celebrity Sighting with Face Recognition Employee Time Tracking
ConExpo 2020: WorkMax’s Face Recognition Found Celebrities

By Jonathan Salas 

ConExpo 2020 has wrapped up and we’re glad that we were able to meet so many wonderful construction business owners and folks on the business operations side of the house. Our WorkMax team from both sales and technical support was there in full force to handle the over 130,000 person crowd over four days. It’s a good thing we took a big WorkMax team because we had THE MOST visitors to our ConExpo booth ever. It was a great time because it gives us the chance to hear about your biggest workforce challenges for field data collection.

Since we’ve been attending trade shows like ConExpo 2020 over the last 17 years, we’ve consistently heard you talk about your struggles with buddy punching. You are either very familiar with buddy punching or you need to be because it can have a huge impact on your profitability. Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for another. This is generally done innocuously enough; after all, if their friend is running late, most employees won’t see an issue with clocking in for them so they don’t get into trouble. What these employees don’t realize, however, is that by helping out their buddy, they are stealing from your company. Time theft can add up quickly and will end up causing you thousands in the long run.

You told us you wanted to get rid of buddy punching and we listened. We packed up our team and headed to ConExpo 2020 to show you how with a celebrity-inspired contest. Since we love to have fun, we had to add an extra spin on things. To demonstrate our face recognition, we ran a competition to see how much you looked like some of the biggest celebrities. But, before we start talking about who looks the most like Drake and unveil our Celebrity Photo Match Winners, let’s chat about how WorkMax TIME’s face recognition works and what makes it different.

Once you have a profile photo uploaded of the employee in WorkMax TIME, employees simply take a photo of themselves, a selfie, every time they clock in or out. WorkMax’s face recognition automatically compares that selfie to the profile photo, giving you a match percentage indicating how similar the photos are. At that point, any records below a certain match percentage (set by you) are flagged for review. This method of true face recognition is not only more reliable than any other system, but it also helps prevent one of the construction industry’s biggest workforce challenges: buddy punching. WorkMaxTIME prevents buddy punching with our true face recognition with match percentages and mismatch alerts, allowing you to put a stop to those sneaky employees. On the other side, your employees will also see no delay in starting their work. They simply clock in, take a selfie, and go to work.

In comparison with other time tracking apps with basic face capture, employees take a picture of themselves, and the payroll administrator compares it to an employee photo. There’s no face recognition technology and as a result, there’s no photo match percentage or mismatch alerts. Face capture is just adding more to your payroll administrator’s already full plate. This is frustrating because, for the payroll administrator, it feels like a waste of time. And it is!

Armed with WorkMax TIME’s true facial recognition, you will help your company save thousands in several different ways, likely earning you celebrity status in your office. Speaking of celebrity status, shall we see who our grand winners were for our Celebrity Contest at ConExpo? Here they are:

This year at ConExpo 2020, Rob Findlay wrestled himself into third place, rocking our world by matching up 28% with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We could really smell what the Rob was cooking!

Face Recognition Employee Time Tracking ConExpo 3rd The Rock

When Brittany Perkins walked up to our booth, we knew she’d be dead on for the second place. She ended up matching 41% with the actress Emily Kinney.

Face Recognition Employee Time Tracking ConExpo 2nd emily kinney

“What’s My Name?” Israel Cruz likely hears that often, as he matched a staggering 55% to Rapper/Hip-Hop Artist Drake. Hold On, We’re Going Home because Israel is walking away with our first place prize!

Face Recognition Employee Time Tracking ConExpo 1st drake

We had such a great time meeting everyone, and we hope that you will join us for the next celebrity contest. If you want to learn more about how WorkMax can save your company time and money, or schedule a demo, click here.