CYA with Employee Time Tracking

| October 13, 2016

5 Ways to CYA with Employee Time Tracking Solutions

 CYA with Employee Time Tracking


5 Ways to CYA with Employee Time Tracking
by Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing 

Do you wish that you could get back to doing what you love at work and spending less time on making sure you’re covering all of your bases to reduce labor risk for your business?

WorkMax TIME makes it easier than ever to be compliant and reduce labor tracking risks. Now you can spend less time on manual processes and increase your time and attendance accuracy with unlimited pay rules, pay periods, shift rules and overtime rules. Additional features like GPS and electronic signatures help to authenticate the time records to easily give you the information you need to avoid or reduce risk.

 WorkMax TIME also automates formerly manual tasks to make sure you’re paying employees exactly the right way based on what they worked across your entire workforce, no matter where your employees are working. Check out these five key features that help you CYA when it comes to tracking your employee’s time.

1. Automated pay rules, pay periods, shift rules and overtime rules? No problem.

Depending on your line of business, state or province you work in and your company payroll rules, collecting and processing accurate time and attendance can be painful and riddled with errors. Regardless of your company size, location or payroll process, WorkMax TIME allows you to set up unlimited Pay Rules, Pay Periods, Shift Rules and Overtime rules, so that you can easily and accurately calculate pay for your employees in an efficient and systematic way.

WorkMax TIME molds to your business no matter how simple or sophisticated your payroll rules are, so that you can eliminate out of cycle payroll runs and avoid any litigation for wage and hour enforcement or FSLA compliance. WorkMax TIME is easy for employees to use for employee time tracking while also simplifying the process for your payroll staff to deliver timely and accurate payroll.

2. Workforce Visibility and Employee Approvals of Time Worked is Key.

The WorkMax employee time tracking solution is accessible on any mobile device or modern web browser, this convenient access increases employee adoption and promotes transparent and fair time tracking. Employees want to be paid fairly and companies want their employees to be paid fairly. With WorkMax TIME, employees get paid accurately and companies can be sure that they are paying employees fairly for the time that they work.

Arming your employees with a quick and easy way to track, review and sign off on their time is a win-win for everyone. As an extra added bonus for your payroll team, you can reduce the number of payroll disputes, extra phone calls and special requests submitted by employees to see how many hours they’ve worked in the week. 

3. Tracking Tasks and Activities is Critical for Accurate Pay

Tracking TIME easily and accurately is the first step.To increase visibility, productivity and the bottom line it is critical to also track what employees were doing and for how long. You may have employees that perform multiple tasks, or activities throughout their work day and you may even have different pay rates associated with those different tasks. With WorkMax TIME employees can quickly and easily track tasks concurrent to their time worked, from any device no matter where they are.

Changing tasks throughout the day takes seconds, with only a few clicks. By providing your employees an easy way to track their activities and job duties accurately, you can make sure that their pay check is always accurate, along with your job costing. This protects your business from potential litigation for incorrect pay rates based on their job functions or activities. You always have instant access to documentation of what tasks were performed throughout the day with the employee’s signature that they approved the time and task.

4. Electronic Employee Signatures makes Payday a Breeze.

Some businesses require their employees to track their own time; some businesses have supervisors track time for employees. Either way, processing payroll without documentation that your employees have approved their time worked with their signatures is critical. If you can’t easily capture and track your employees’ approval of their time, you could be opening your business to numerous potential risks without.

Employees could make false claim they weren’t paid the correct hours that they actually worked and you can reduce your risk because you have their signature that they approved their time records. Sometimes employees are victims of underpayment of wages due to manual data entry errors. By using WorkMax TIME for employee time tracking, your employees can easily see and sign off on their time with electronic signatures from any device from anywhere. This protects your business with verifiable proof that the employee approved their work hours prior to payroll and greatly reduces your business’ risk.

5. GPS Time Stamps Validate Accurate Workforce Location.

For companies with mobile workforces, it’s difficult to capture which customer, location or project employees were working on throughout their workday. With WorkMax, GPS stamps can be tracked as your workforce clocks in, changes tasks or even when they move to new job locations throughout the day. As time records stream into the office, the GPS time stamps and map views insure you can be confident you have the right people at the right location at the right time. Many times customers may have questions on when your employees were actually working onsite and for how long. With WorkMax TIME all of your workforce location information is now documented, completely accurate and easily accessible.

To learn more about how to CYA with WorkMax TIME, View our Demo on Demand or Get Pricing.