3 Ways to use Rich Media on Mobile Forms to CYA

| February 18, 2016

3 Ways Rich Media Helps You CYA Mobile Forms with Photos, Videos, and Sketches Reduce Risk

3 Ways to use Rich Media on Mobile Forms to CYA

3 Ways Rich Media Helps You CYA
Mobile Forms with Photos, Videos, and Sketches Reduce Risk

By: Shannon Corgan, Director of Marketing

Everyone nowadays has smartphones on the job sites. Did you know you can leverage the power of those mobile devices to protect your company’s interests in an easy and organized way using mobile forms with photos, video, and sketches?

Here are 3 ways you can use mobile forms with photos, videos, sketches and more to protect your business: 

1.  Tools and equipment 

You can be proactive and ask employees to complete a safety checklist on a mobile form to document the safety conditions for tools and equipment. They can take photos, draw sketches or record voice notes to capture the condition of the tools and equipment in their work areas.  No more excuses that they didn’t have the right form. You can provide tablets or smartphones for use in their work areas or they can use their own to document the condition of the tools and equipment with photos and videos. You can also ask them on the mobile form if they have any employee-owned equipment being used to perform work. A South Carolina lumber company learned the hard way that they were not only responsible for the tools and equipment they provided employees, but they were responsible for the safety of employee-owned tools and equipment they use while doing work. The South Carolina Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) fined a lumber company for a substantial safety violation for an employee-owned box fan that was missing a ground pin in an electrical shop. 1

2.    Proof of Performance

You can’t always be at every job site, but employees can use mobile forms with photos, videos, sketches, audio notes and notations on photos for employees to include with their daily log report to know exactly what was completed on the job site. By using mobile forms with photos, videos, and sketches, you can capture and keep the project’s daily logs organized to quickly access the information when you need it. You can see what happened each day on the job site. You can even use electronic signatures to get the customer to sign off that the work that was agreed upon was completed. This way if there’s ever a dispute about proof of performance, you’ll have documentation that the client signed off on it. You will also have the daily progress photos to show the work you did perform that can be emailed directly to the customer each day if they’d like it. It keeps your customers happy with your progress and in the loop. You’re also protecting your business by accurately document site conditions and project progress. When you get calls from your clients asking what’s going on with a project, you have instant answers with your mobile forms with photos, videos, and sketches in the forms. The rich media embedded in your mobile forms can show your clients any issues and you can send them the mobile forms with photos right from your mobile device. No need to make 2-3 calls after hours to know what’s going on.

3.    Employee safety

Be proactive and make photos and videos part of your daily safety checklist for the employee’s work area to document the physical location or identify any safety issues on the job site. If an injury occurs, employees can capture the reported injuries right away before they start their work for the day and you’ll have a better idea if it happened at work or not.  Make sure that you have your employees add the different media they use to capture media that’s part of their everyday forms and reports they are currently using. To get them to adopt a new behavior, make sure you’re incorporating media capture into their normal job duties like checklists and daily reports. Don’t just have your employees send you pictures by text messaging or emails. 

You want to make sure that you embed the photos into mobile forms to keep the photos organized and easily searchable. When you’re looking at mobile forms solutions, make sure you can globally search the forms to quickly find the photos, sketches and videos by job site, employee, date or form type. You also want to make sure you can set up mobile forms in advance to alert your entire team immediately to any potential risks and to take action immediately. Your HR team, safety compliance officers, and business development team will thank you for making their jobs easier. Documentation will be well organized, so your team can access the rich media and documentation anywhere anytime on any mobile device or PC.  Your team can change from reactive to proactive and get all your ducks in a row before any inspectors knock on your door. The good news is that when they show up, you can continue to CYA and take photos and videos to document the site conditions right while the inspector is there.

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